Why you Prepare your body

The ultimate in preparedness is your body!

We only have one body it is best to take care of it. When we talk about being prepared Men, We are talking about the ability to do a physical or mental task. The body and mind go hand-in-hand, and feed on each other for support. Now you may ask, why it is so important to keep your body prepared? it’s not like you’re trying to run a triathlon or be an Olympic sprinter it’s about being useful, useful to yourself and useful to others, especially your friends and family. I don’t tell you this so that they want you to help them move or any normal day-to-day tasks but when you’re needed and you can help you are ready. We recently went through a major flood event in our city and I couldn’t help but notice that there were three kinds of people, The ones helping, the ones needing help, and the ones on the sideline. This is where having a good body will be useful to not only you but maybe many others.

If you’re in respectable shape you can help out with the general rescue needs or more importantly you can help yourself when in a bad situation. I have found, being out of shape myself, that when you are not in shape you not only put yourself at risk, You can put others at risk as well. That is the position I don’t want to put anybody in unnecessarily.

I am on a personal mission to get myself in better shape and if you are a little too “Robust” for your liking, I challenge you to do the same.