What is a Preper?

To be a prepared man has more than a stash of gear in a Tactical backpack with a “Can Do” attitude. To be a Survivalist also means more than holding your own in the woods, just you and your wits, for days pretending to be evading and waiting to be rescued. What I have described above are the typical images that are conjured up when anyone says they are a “Preper” or a “Survival Expert”. While they are a version of a accurate account of the term, they are not the only definition. My goal as a fellow Man, Dad and Husband is to enlighten you to the more tame and domesticated definition of the words. “Preper” or a “Survival Expert” have been stereotyped by YouTube and Reality TV personalities to the point that is you declare to be either someone will think you are a weekend warrior with a stockpile of MRE’s and Semi-Automatic Rifles with enough bullets to wait out a zombie apocalypse. I am here to change all that, this is a place to learn how to prepare for the 99.99% of situations that 95% of people deal with and to not only survive but thrive in their everyday lives.

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Thanks, and remember, it’s your life, prepare for it!