Gear Review – Browning Microblast 72 Lumen Flashlight

The Browning Microblast 72 Lumen flashlight has become one of my favorite EDC light. Below is a list of my pros and cons on the features and a little about how I use it in my daily life.

The Pros:

This light weighs in at around 3 ounces, that includes  the battery. It is so lite you may forget you have it in your pocket. But seriously, it makes this flashlight more desirable to carry everyday

One Triple A battery is all that is required to power this bad boy. it is an easy battery to stock or find in any local retailer when it needs replacing.

This is a bright 72 lumens and is enough for any close range task. Typically I use it for searching in my backpack, car, under the couch or behind the TV.

I have had issues in the past with lights getting turned on in my pocket. Browning has created this with the Twist-Style On/Off Switch, so far I have not had it come on unexpectedly

The pocket / hat clip makes it a good hands free option (as long as you wear a hat) it is even lite enough to clip on the collar of your shirt in a pinch.

The Cons:

This little guy  is easy to misplace! I have lost this light on 3 different occasions, it is so small that it can get lost in the cracks of a couch or in the car vary easily.

the single Triple A battery has a standard run time of only about 2 hours. This is not a long use light. Best for daily task but not so great for overnight adventures or as a primary emergency flashlight

With only 72 lumens the range is limited to about 15′-20′ of useable light. Depending on where you are using it, it may not be enough.

The twist style on/off switch is difficult to manage one handed. This is really due to its small stature, no where to grip when you twist.

The pocket/ hat clip is a little small and needs to be forced on the brim of most hats the first time. Typically I hold the light with my mouth for a quick hands free application.

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