Everyday Carry (EDC) Part 3

A good Pen is priceless, no not a $300 pen that an executive would have, just a solid ball point or gel pen that is dependable. Great for everyday use and has replicable ink. I like the Zebra stainless steel series, it is solid and has easy to find ink refills. For those that don’t know, this is often your first best self defense weapon!

Now we come to what may be to some a very sensitive subject. To some this could can be perceived as a weapon, for others it is just another tool, the pocket knife! If you can carry one do so. First of all this is not a plea to get you to carry a self-defense weapon, this is a box/letter opener, cutting tags off clothes, and general use tool. You are welcome to carry 2 if you so choose. I do! My basic tool is the Leatherman Style SC. Super small with scissors, tweezers, file, screwdriver, bottle opener and knife blade. Roughly the size of my index finger closed. It is perfect for cutting oranges and apples, snipping wild hairs, quick wrapping gifts and pulling splinters. I also carry a Kershaw folding knife with a 3-1/2″ blade, I carry it for peace of mind and larger task that the little one wont handle. Feel free to select any knife you would like, just make sure it is appropriate for the daily life you live and conforms to your state and local laws.

I personally carry a very small True Utility Lighter – I don’t smoke, so you are thinking why carry one? I carry one for emergencies only. We do lots of camping, have birthday parties with candles that need lighting, sometimes the stove wont lite with the built in ignition or I need to fuse the end of a rope or straw for a project. There are many uses for a lighter, this is something you need to decide for yourself.

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Thanks, and remember, it’s your life, prepare for it!