Your Everyday Carry (EDC) Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our pocket carry needs that help us Men prepare for our day. The Flash Light, Smart Phone and Ear Buds are all a mans best friend!

small Pocket Flashlight is never a bad thing to carry, I carry the Browning Microblast ANSI 72L. Why? Because it gets dark! Drive home at night, porch light is out… it’s dark, looking under the couch for the remote, it’s dark, in the trunk of your car, in your garage, your attic, under the desk, you guessed it… it’s dark. If you have kids it is just a bonus to shine it at them from the dark chair in the corner when they come home after curfew. It also has good self-preservation benefits!


Browning MicroBlast ANSI 72LThe majority of us carry a Smart Phone with all the bells and whistles and they can be a great tool and entertainment device. First of all, keep it charged! I typically don’t endorse any one program on any platform but if you are married and have a BUSY life I highly recommend using Google Calendar (create an e-mail address (Example: Family name and log into the Calendar only on all family devices and make it the default. This way when you add something everyone that is in the family can see it and knows something is going on. It also keeps you from double booking a time. If you are single, the Operating System calendar you have on your phone is just fine. Just remember to set notification reminders. Program all numbers with the persons first and or last name. Don’t put Mom, Dad or any relational clues, this may be used by scammers if they get your phone. Al the other fun stuff on the phone you can figure out!

Use Ear Buds, So you don’t bother others  and to keep others from bothering you. But know when to take them out. Survey your area, if you are at home or at the office everything is good. If you just went shopping, and have bags in hand walking to the car, take them out and pay attention to your surroundings, don’t let someone take advantage of you because you were bee-bopping to your favorite jam from the store to the car or from your car to your front door. The song can wait. If you are talking on the phone, ask the other person to hang on and keep one in until you are in the place you were going. Ear buds are great but undesirable people may try to take advantage of you if they know you are distracted.

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Thanks, and remember, it’s your life, prepare for it!