Your Everyday Carry (EDC) Part 1

First and foremost, you need a Wallet / ID holder (RFID) – every day I carry my wallet, it has the most important things you need throughout your day. In it you should have a state issued ID. By law in all 50 states you need to have this on your person at all times. Next is your medical insurance card ( if you have a family, you should have a card for every member with you) if you own a car have your vehicle insurance card with you at all times. It is ok to keep a copy in your car as well. Try to carry emergency Cash, $10 can get you home from the gas station or a meal or drinks if needed in a pinch, keep your Bank Card in there as well for your everyday needs. If you have credit cards, just keep one with you ( not all of them) Below is the Fossil 2 in 1 Slider Wallet

Next is a Watch. It can be a smart watch, digital watch or a standard watch. It needs to have the date and time on the face if it is a digital watch. Your phone has a clock but it also has distractions so get a watch! Here’s why when you pull out your phone to look at the time it is not discrete, it is obvious especially when talking with someone and you may come off as uninterested or distracted and it looks bad on you. Your watch is a tool to make sure you are on time for the events you have planned for the day. Keep up with your I phone on the Apple Series 3 Smart Watch

Your Keys, If you drive or have a home you have keys. Keep them on you at all times when you are away from home. If you carry a back pack you can put them in there when you get settled where you are going. You don’t want to spend extra time digging them out and have a distracted moment where someone can take advantage of you. Do not put them in your wallet! If someone takes your wallet they take your keys. Shown below Niteize Bigfoot Key Locker

Every Day Carry (EDC) Wallet Watch and Keys

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